Healing Dimensions

Healing Dimensions

Personal and professional coaching to extend, empower and inspire

Healing Dimensions offers a range of opportunities for you to explore and reach your potential, including: Please also refer to our Meditation and Training pages for information on training opportunities for individuals, groups and organisations.

Life Dimensions Coaching - Learning to Live Life to the Full

Experience the Life Dimensions Framework in action to maximise your potential and reach your goals by harnessing every dimension of your life.

The goal with this program is to transform your life through a process that includes reviewing and mapping your life journey and negotiating the obstacles in the way of your success. As part of the process, you will develop a vibrant plan of action that suits the person you wish to be.

Expand your emotional intelligence and make plans based on your deepest wisdom and truth.

This personalised program will be developed to meet your needs, goals and dreams, and might include:

Archetypal Charts - Patterns for Life

During a private two-hour session, we will map the great patterns - or archetypes - which are playing out in your life.

Using a process based on Jungian and Post Jungian understandings plus the work of Caroline Myss, you will be able to identify the saboteur, inner child or victim archetypes and see whether they are acting as your friend or foe. Learn how you can harness the wisdom, power and grace contained in these universal patterns for living.

Professional Coaching and Mentoring

This professional development support will help you to identify and transform the pressures and demands of your professional life, and offer mentoring to sustain you in challenging times.

Use the Life Dimensions Framework to help you understand and negotiate the complexities of your work place. If you work in the health and community services sector you can also access the wisdom and insights available through exploring the Healers Journey to help you understand and negotiate the complexities and stresses of the health care system.

Therapeutic Touch mentorship is available for those wishing to use bio-energetic therapies in health care practice.

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