Healing Dimensions

Healing Dimensions

Groups and courses

My meditation courses offer a unique combination of mindfulness and emotion-focused approaches. Transforming life through mindfulness and meditation include:

Please also refer to the Coaching page for information on personal development programs to help you reach your full potential. I invite you to contact me for further information on courses. Dates and venue to be notified

Meditation for Living

Meditation and mindfulness are evidence-based approaches which have been shown to help in promoting health and wellbeing, reducing stress, and dealing with anxiety and depression. The course includes:

Take this opportunity to experience a variety of approaches, learn how to select an approach which suits you and your life and simply take some time out, to tune into yourself.

After taking a course, continue with our meditation group to reap the benefits of meditating together and explore the rich world of meditation week by week.

Meditation For Living Course

The next course to be held will be an 8 week program in June/July 2019

Meditation For Living Group

This group has a mindfulness based stillness meditation focus:
Adult Group: Monday evenings 7:30pm to 8:30pm at the Sacred Nest Flemington.

Families Group: Second Saturday of each month from 3-4pm at the Sacred Nest Flemington.

Heart and Mind Power

When our hearts and minds are harmonious and we access the power of compassion and loving kindness we can change ourselves and our world. While expanding your capacity for love and joyfulness you can also access deeper levels of knowledge, wisdom and creativity. The result can be greater clarity, efficiency and effectiveness in life and work.

Learn easy and practical ways to access the power of a heart and mind 'in synch' and so gain inner coherence, reduce stress and enhance your immune function.

This program usually includes meditation, exercises, the HeartMath Freeze-Framer (now known as emWave).

Heart and Mind Power program - currently available on request

Creating Mandalas - Inviting Balance into Life

A mandala is a circle, a universal symbol of wholeness, integration and balance. When we create a mandala, we invite these qualities into our lives. Come and explore how to use mandalas as meditative tools, for insight and for sheer pleasure.

These sessions begin with information on mandalas, followed by a meditation which leads into creation of one or more mandalas. The fee for this workshop covers the cost of paints, crayons or pencils.

Mandala workshop - currently available on request

Women's Business - The Red Tent

In the glow of this sacred and private women's space, take time out and find rest and respite for body and soul. In this workshop, based on themes from Anita Diamant's best selling novel 'The Red Tent', you are invited to share your wisdom, tell stories and learn more about the cycles and mysteries of your body, psyche and spirit.

In The Red Tent, we share ways of caring for each other and celebrate women's collective knowledge and experience. Time in The Red Tent can provide a rich and deeply satisfying experience, one which can feed your soul for many moons to come. These sessions include meditation/guided imagery, drawing, writing, song, music, dance and fun.

Red Tent - currently available on request.

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