Healing Dimensions

Healing Dimensions

Promoting health, well being and balance

We can deliver programs and workshops to meet the health and wellbeing needs of groups in the corporate, health, community services and education sectors.

We have presented to a broad range of people and organisations including counselors, nurses and midwives, palliative care staff, allied health professionals, community health and outreach workers, the racing industry, and primary and secondary school staff.

Our training programs include:

Please also refer to the Coaching page for information on personal development programs to help you reach your full potential. I invite you to contact me for further information on courses.

Bio-Energetic Therapy - Therapeutic Touch

Healing Dimensions offers the complete training program in Therapeutic Touch. The courses are competency-based and nationally accredited through the Australian Quality Training Framework

I have been a practitioner of Therapeutic Touch for over 20 years and a teacher for 15 years. I am a foundation member of the Therapeutic Touch Association of Australasia (TTAA) and a TTAA Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher (QTTTA). I bring a sound theoretical as well as practice base to my teaching.

Therapeutic Touch is a compassionate mindfulness related process which works to:-

Therapeutic Touch is a wonderful therapy to use for self- care, and with family, friends and pets.
Therapeutic Touch can be used effectively in clinical practice by a wide range of health professionals including nurses, doctors, allied health practitioners and natural therapists.
Therapeutic Touch can be a valuable asset in counselling and psychotherapy, spiritual direction, life and wellness coaching practices.

Therapeutic Touch offers the following:-

More information on Therapeutic is available on the Therapeutic Touch Association of Australasia website and on the Therapeutic Touch International Association website.

Therapeutic Touch Training Program Overview

Our competency based program includes the following options:-

Foundations of Therapeutic Touch (Basic level)

Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch (Intermediate Level)

Mentorship and Advanced (Application of Inner Processes of Therapeutic Touch)

Teacher and mentor programs

Completion of the Basic, Intermediate and Mentorship courses provides eligibility to apply for Accreditation as a Qualified Therapeutic Touch practitioner.

For further information on courses go to www.therapeutictouch.org.au or contact me.

Health and Wellbeing for Organisations and Groups

Workshops, day retreats or programs can be developed for your group or organisation these include:

The Healer's Journey

The Healer's Journey is a professional development opportunity which harnesses the personal realities of life and offers a unique perspective on understanding inter-professional and organisational dynamics and relationships.

Having completed my Masters degree in education at La Trobe University with a thesis on the archetype of the wounded-healer, I developed The Healer's Journey to assist those in the caring and helping professions to access the wisdom and guidance contained in the archetype or universal pattern of the wounded-healer.

The Healer's Journey helps you to expand your personal and professional horizons, allowing you to revitalise yourself and your practice, and explore new directions in your career.

The Healer's Journey can help shed light on intra and inter professional dynamics providing fresh perspectives, and a platform for co-operation and renewed relationships.

While the program can be tailored to the needs of specific groups and organisations, a typical workshop might include:

Inviting the wounded healer archetype into conscious action in the life of a practitioner or organisation can be a profound and enriching experience.

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